Me in Studio B

Me in Studio B
If you were googling Undertone Audio and found my blog here, well...welcome! You should visit the official website,, but here you can follow my adventures as the crew and I build these mixing consoles, EQs and other oddities. Some, most or all of my work wouldn't be very interesting to a lot of people, but for recording junkies who get excited about vintage German tube mics, cool, eccentric compressors, studio history and some of the fun ins and outs of studio life, this could be for you. Hey, make it your home page and impress chicks! I can be reached at

Sunday, October 14, 2012

UTA Forums

Now you can spend every free minute of your life on our new UTA forum... Eric, Cian, me, the rest of the Undertone Audio crew and you can stay up all night chatting! None of us are ever going to get any sleep ever again!

You can:
*Draw Roger into protracted arguments
*Ask us technical questions
*Get or share tips on using the unusual features of your UTA gear
*Try to pick up women in other countries

So register and let the fun begin!



  1. OK, our forum was invaded by bots and it seems Cian took it down.

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